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Building the future of healthcare in Northeast Oregon, from the ground up!

Earlier this year, Grande Ronde Hospital (GRH) announced its Campus Expansion Project – the largest construction project in the hospital’s 114-year history. This 96,000 square-foot building includes space for a new surgical services floor with more operating and procedures rooms. These rooms will be larger and allow greater flexibility for our surgical staff and privacy to better accommodate our patients – all in a beautiful, healing environment.

In support of this project, the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation announced the Healthier Together capital campaign. The Healthier Together campaign will not only provide support for the financial needs of the construction project, but also share more information about the impact this project in particular, and GRH overall, has on our community.

This new building will help us save lives. Our patients will benefit from the latest tools and technology, increased room space for efficiency, and enhanced privacy. These new ORs will become home to our surgical teams, whose patient satisfaction rates are excellent within the industry. All this will be available for you, your friends, family, and neighbors right here at home.

The new building will also house our dietary department and a new cafeteria. Our amazing food services team feeds our patients and approximately five hundred on-campus employees, providing more than seven hundred meals daily. There is a lot more planned for this great new space. To learn more about that, visit our website.

Our goal for the Healthier Together campaign is to raise 7.5 million dollars by the spring of 2024 just before the new building is set to begin occupancy.

Make a donation today to make a difference for tomorrow. Use the form below to make a donation or contact the Foundation to discuss the best donation options for you. Call 541-963-1431 or email